Written by Fernando Milanés

14 de febrero de 2023


 Represents the period after weaning and before children can fend for themselves. 


aged, old, retired, ancient, gray, been around, declining, hoary, long in tooth, no spring chicken, olden, over the hill, tired, venerable

When I was a child, I had many diseases that were unknown to me, and as I felt confused and scared; my parents took care and made me feel better.    

Now, as an older man I am not threatened by measles, chicken pox, mumps, and other ailments and am cognizant of my problems and able to take care of them.    

As a child, I was not aware of right and/or wrong; left the elders tell me and they were basically responsible for my behavior.    

Now, I have full knowledge of appropriate actions, decide what is or not acceptable, and even impart these habits to the younger members of my family and am free to act independent of others demands and/or advise.    

As a child, I was kept, raised, schooled, taken to places, and had no free will to act.   

 Now I have the liberty to travel and move as I please and instead of obeying others I mandate them.   

As a child, I was ignorant of many rules and society conducts, and assumed no responsibility for what I or others did.    

Now, an elder, I rule, teach, and impose my values to younger family members, but am able to do and act as I please.    

In summary, as a child as now, I suffer from illnesses but presently with knowledge of causes, symptoms and treatments, able to do for myself not dependent of others. 

Now, an elder, I command not obey, I teach not learn, I demand not obey, I am totally free not always depending on others, who help as I wish. 

In summary, if I compare the present benefits to the ignorance and submission of childhood, all things considered:

I Would Like To Be a Kid Again!!!

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