Languages printed in: English & Spanish. 

Frequency of Publication: Weekly (1X) 

Advertising/Editorial Content: Advertising 30%, Editorial 70% 

Accept the following types of advertisements: 

                 Beer                                 Hard Liquor                                Wine                                    Tobacco

Regularly occurring sections:

Section Name


Avg. Number of Pages

Exclusive Local Features


16 pages

Special Reports


14 pages



1 page



5 pages



6 pages

International News


3 pages



2 page spread



1 page



2 page spread

National News


3 pages



2 pages



1 page



5 pages



2 pages

Social Security


½ page



½ page

Multi-part Novel


2 pages

Editorial Cartoons


2 pages



5 pages



1 page

This Date in History


4 pages

Crossword Puzzle


½ page



½ page

Publishing/Trade association memberships:

Inter-American Press Association (IAPA)                               National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP)

Founded in: 1966 

Percentage minority-owned: 100% 

Minority certification: Yes


Mechanical Information


Format: Short-Tabloid 

Dimensions of full-page ad (in inches, W x H): 10 x 12.25 

Advertising unit: Column Inch

Width, in inches, of a: 

1 Col. Ad                2 Col. Ad                3 Col. Ad                4 Col. Ad                5 Col. Ad                6 Col. Ad
   1.528”                    3.222”                    4.917”                    6.611”                    8.306”                       10”

Cut-off depth (Maximum allowable depth of an ad, in inches, before charging full-page pricing): 9” 

Number of pages per issue: 64


Distribution Information


Printed Circulation: 3,000-20,000 copies per week 

Paid/Free Circulation:        85% – paid / 15% – free 

Circulation is distributed by:

                                   Mail           Subscription           News Stand/Rack         Purchased

                                   86%                        82%                        8%                        6% 

Deadline Information

Space reservations for display ads must be received five (5) business days before run date.Material for display ads must be received three (3) days before run date.

Contact Information

Advertising Contact: Demetrio Perez

Telephone Number: (305) 643-2947, Ext. 226                              Fax Number: (305) 649-2767

E-mail address:

Mailing address for………………………………………………………………… 2700 SW 8th Street
display ad material                                                                           
Miami, Florida 33135
payment, and correspondence


Production Information

We can receive B/W artwork/material via: 

             Camera-Ready              Disk            E-mail (preferred) 

We accept the following file types for B/W artwork/material: 

             EPS                   JPG                   TIF               PDF (preferred)     Quark XPress         Photoshop 

We accept color ads. 

We can receive spot-color (2 or 3) artwork/material via: 

            Camera-Ready (preferred)    Disk                      E-mail

We accept the following file types for spot color (2 or 3) artwork/material: 

             EPS                   JPG                    TIF               PDF (preferred)     Quark XPress         Photoshop 

We can receive 4 color/full process artwork/material via: 

             Camera-Ready (preferred)    Disk                      E-mail

 We accept the following file types for 4 color/full process artwork/material: 

             EPS                   JPG                     TIF               PDF (preferred)     Quark XPress         Photoshop

If sending by e-mail, ads should be sent to:

Maximum file size: 10.0MB


Display Advertising Information

Open Rate Card Column Inch Rate: $42.00 

Rates are gross (commissionable). 

Exact dimensions (in inches, W x H), and the Open Rate Card Rate:


Horizontal Exact Size

Vertical Exact Size

Open Rate

Full Page




3/4 Page




2/3 Page




1/2 Page

1) 10” 2) 4.917

1) 6.125” 2) 12.25”


1/3 Page




1/4 Page




1/8 Page




1/16 Page





Net costs of color advertisements:

Color Type


1 Color + Black

$44.10/col. inch

2 Colors + Black

$46.20/col. inch

4 Colors/Full process

$50.20/col. inch


Color rates are gross (commissionable). 

Frequency and/or bulk discounts are allowed without a signed contract.


Discount %



6 months




We offer bulk / volume contracts. To sign a contract, please call:

Demetrio Perez, (305) 643-2947, Ext. 203 

Pre-Printed Inserts


Pre-printed inserts are welcome. Distrubution changes to be discussed on individuals basis.

Two-Page Spreads / Double Trucks

We offer two-page spreads (i.e.: double-truck ads). 

Exact size of a two-page spread, including the gutter (in inches, W x H): 21.125 x 12.25 

Net cost for a B/W two-page spread: $5,557.50 

Net cost for a 4 color/Full process two-page spread: $6,792.50 

Space reservations for two-page spreads must be received six (6) business days before run date. 

Material for two-page spreads must be received five (5) days before run date.

Website Information

Our website is located at The site is updated on a daily basis and features a live, up-to-the-minute, Newsfeed from EFE news agency, Newscom and The Washington Post. 

For website advertising information, please send an e-mail to

Publisher’s Statement

1) Advertisements are subject to acceptance by LIBRE, L.L.C. The publisher reserves the right to refuse, alter or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time.

2) Advertisements that run in LIBRE are subject to all the terms and conditions printed on the Media Kit. It is the responsibility of every client and agency that places advertising in LIBRE to acquire and read this Media Kit and abide by all terms listed therein. For this purpose, copies of this statement are made available by the publisher and may be obtained free of charge from LIBRE, L.L.C.

3) Advertisers are encouraged to indicate positioning preferences on insertion orders and contracts. LIBRE, L.L.C. will attempt to accommodate all reasonable positioning requests. When accompanied by the appropriate premium positioning charge and accepted, positioning instructions will be considered instructions to the publisher and will be treated as such. However, the publisher still reserves the right to alter a premium position for any reason at any time. Should this occur, the publisher will make every effort to offer a mutually satisfactory alternative premium position. When unaccompanied by a premium charge, all positioning instructions will be treated as requests to be complied with at the discretion of the publisher. The client and its agency agree to pay for the advertisement in full whether or not LIBRE, L.L.C. complies with the positioning request.

4) Advertisements will be accepted only on the terms listed in the Media Kit. Terms (whether in insertion orders or other acceptances) that are in addition to or not identical with the terms set out here will not become part of any agreement.

5) All insertion orders, contracts, insertion instructions, and reproduction materials must be submitted to LIBRE, L.L.C. by closing date. Extensions for reproduction materials may be granted when necessary.

6). Any deliberate attempt to simulate the format of LIBRE is not permitted, and the publisher reserves the right to place the word «Advertisement» with copy that, in the publisher’s opinion, resembles editorial matter.

7). All advertising copy and art is subject to publisher’s approval. All advertisements are accepted and published upon the representation that advertisers and agencies are authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter. In consideration for the publisher’s acceptance of such advertisements for publication, both advertisers and their agencies will indemnify and save the publisher harmless from and against any liability (including costs and attorney’s fees) arising out of publication of such advertisements including, but without limitation to, those resulting from claims or suits for libel, violation of rights of privacy, plagiarism and copyright infringement, including those based on active or passive negligence.

8) Publisher is not liable for delays in delivery or for non-delivery in the event of an act of God, action by any governmental entity, fire, flood, insurrection, riot, explosion, embargo, strike (whether legal or illegal), labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind, work slowdown or any condition beyond the control of the publisher affecting production or delivery in any manner.

9) The publisher is not responsible for errors in typesetting or any other service done by the publisher.

10) In the event of nonpayment, publisher reserves the right to hold the advertiser and/or the advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such moneys as are due and payable to the publisher.

11) If the parties sign an Advertising Agreement, the terms of that agreement will override any conflicting terms in this rate card. However, no other conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on insertion orders, contracts, insertion instructions or any other form of correspondence that conflict with these policies will be binding on the publisher.

12) The client will be billed at LIBRE, L.L.C.’s prevailing rates for corrections made to ads that do not meet LIBRE, L.L.C.’s specifications and for alterations made at client’s request. LIBRE, L.L.C. is not responsible for the quality of any advertising supplied without proofs.

13) Advertising rates are subject to change at IDG LIBRE, L.L.C.’s sole discretion.

14) This document will be interpreted according to Florida law, and any litigation relating to it will be conducted in Miami, Florida.

15) Invoices outstanding after 30 days will be subject to a 1.5% monthly service charge on the unpaid balance. In the event of non-payment, the client will be liable for all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

16) If the client fails to meet the closing date for submitting materials, the client still may be charged, at the publisher’s option, for any advertising space reserved.

17) In the event that copy for the advertisement is submitted on time, and publisher either runs the advertisement incorrectly or fails to run the advertisement in the designated issue, the client’s sole remedy will be to have the publisher run the advertisement in the next issue at no charge to client.

18) In no event will publisher be liable for lost sales, lost profits, or any other direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages.

19) This document contains the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and representations. This document may not be modified except by a writing signed by the Manager of LIBRE,L.L.C.

20) All invoices are due upon receipt. No commissions will be paid on invoices not paid within 90 days.

21) LIBRE is published on a weekly basis each Tuesday and is distributed via newsracks, newsstands and by mail to subscribers. Each edition contains between 3,000 and 20,000 copies. Special editions have greater circulation.

22) Political advertisements must be paid in advance.