Pseudologia fantastica

Written by Fernando Milanés

23 de febrero de 2022

A tendency to tell extravagant and fantastic falsehoods centered about the storyteller, who often comes to believe in and may act on them.  The debate over the ability of pathological liars to recognize their lies as false has dogged this phenomenon for decades. Integral to the debate is the confusion emanating from questions about a pathological liar’s ability to think logically. It has been observed that pathological liars believe their lies to the extent that the belief may be delusional. As a result, PL has been referred to as a «wish psychosis».

This seldom used term was first described in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck, and refers to what is more commonly referred as false memory syndrome, or pathological liar.    Now an example of an extremely rare disorder is been portrayed, obviously not intentionally, in the recent episode of Netflix series Inventing Anna, a pathological liar, that though poor was able to fool New York’s elite as an heiress millionaire.   

This series and the frequent political digs at Trump, totally irrelevant to the story (Obama was president when this happened) reminded me of what is happening to our society, and what dangers it entails to our way of life.  It all starts by respecting the rights of everyone and rejecting any form of discrimination on the basis of gender, race or sexual preference.

This aspiration clearly stated in our Constitution and supported by most rational persons, has develop into the creation of groups which claiming representation of minority rights have become “gigolos” of these “victims” purposely misrepresenting what they are, what are their desires, and what can be done to improve their lives.  

 In pursuit of their ambition for power, and personal gains these so called leaders maintain the “discriminated status” of the people they claim to represent.  They coin words like “transgender”, a tactic that is quickly adopted by the media, corporations afraid of being “blackmailed”, and the many self proclaimed “erudite” that are basically “useful idiots”.  In the transgender example, a really meaningless term, the “trans” lobby defines a vast group, and by doing so does injustice to the few real homosexual, transsexual and transvestite persons that exist and just want to live their lives as anyone else, by the incorporation of perverts, sociopaths, and many others with antisocial behaviors as equal to them.

Another dangerous made up word is “political correctness”. The real definition of this word is censorship.  It is simply a maneuver to bypass our first amendment that guarantees that freedom of expression can’t be penalized by the government, but does not covers one censured by “popular demand”, as it is claimed by the same self interest groups mentioned above. Not only our life’s can be damaged by these pressures, including our employment, this form of defamation includes also the ones that are critical of this suppression of our rights. So let’s examine the process. It begins with the community leaders that manipulate a sizable portion of the population they profess to defend, and make them believe that the reason for their misfortune is not secondary to their behavior but of their minority status. Through community leaders they guarantee a sizable number of votes to politicians who in turn legislate programs theoretically aimed at education, housing, and health benefits, but where most of the funding goes to the hands of leaders, and crony capitalists that are donors of the politicians.    These actions, more and more prevalent, tolerated by most citizens, and fostered by the press, negate a true democracy and are not representative of real capitalism which is based on free markets, and individuals achieving fortune secondary to innovation, hard work, and personal responsibility, not because of an association with the powers that be.  We as a society are ignoring our  basic values and are not taking decisions regarding our behavior, many times going for instant gratification and gladly accepting the excuses given to us to justify these actions.   

The genesis of this change has been the erosion of our moral education that starts in the family, and continues with our religious leaders and educators.  Presently our basic family structure is eroded, our beliefs attacked, and the educators part of the problem by teaching the “new morals” based on “political correctness”.  Losing our freedom by accepting these changes, one that condones any type of conduct, and rejects the notion of “good and bad”, is the consequence.  When I initially wrote these thoughts in 2015, a tragedy had occurred in the beautiful, peaceful, and historic city of Charleston, S.C.  An evil 21y.o. after asking permission to join a Bible group at a prominent black church proceeded to murder 9 of the worshippers in cold blood. There is not a more repulsive crime that one committed to not only innocent, but devout and good human beings and to do that, as it seems likely, using race as a motivation. 

The quality of Charleston’s citizens and leaders became apparent very quickly by refusing to respond to violence with violence, instead everyone of all races joining hands in mourning and maintaining their purpose of fighting evil in its root, and not utilizing this tragedy for personal and/or political gain. Unfortunately our political leaders did not respond in kind. Even when the bodies of the deceased were still to be claimed, they started to use this tribulation to score political points such as awareness of mental illness and gun control. What a difference from Fergusson, Baltimore, and prior incidents when the response by thugs and common criminals was looked over and mostly reasoned as logical from a population suffering from prejudice. What we need is to avoid justifying criminal behavior with excuses like discrimination, instead making everyone aware that each one of us through life has to fight a permanent battle between good and evil, charity and greed, forgiveness and vengeance, love and hate, and as the result of these battles we will look back and feel the satisfaction received from having fought and accepting our fate.

For those that were born with more challenges, the best way for leaders to assist them is to foster opportunity, not dependency, responsibility not justifications, and highlight the many that were able to achieve by hard work and sacrifice their goals in spite of the difficulties.    Leaders should avoid the victimization of criminals, encourage appropriate behavior and not make a living by becoming “merchants of misery”.

For each of the young blacks that have recently lost their life’s in the hands of police, the majority after committing criminal acts, there are many examples of  the ones that lived through handicaps and discrimination and became prominent members of our society including a President, Attorney Generals, Secretary of State, UN representatives, among many others. 

These are the ones that should be prominent in our discourse about racism, a malady that, though less obvious, still exists.

Today the young man that committed these heinous acts was in court being arraigned. The death penalty will be asked for and will probably, and rightly so, be agreed upon. In an act not usually seen, many family members spoke, all asking for and personally volunteering forgiveness for this criminal.

Another example of how much goodness is in their hearts. How different from the reaction of young Brown’s stepfather who asked for the burning of the city. His behavior was described as an expression of mourning.

In that case, his son was killed after committing a robbery and assaulting a police officer. In Charleston the victims were praying. The difference from both cases is obvious. Charleston’s behavior sets an example that we as a nation should emulate.

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