Written by Fernando Milanés

22 de agosto de 2023

By Fernando J. Milanés, M.D.

I feel like the parents have almost forgotten what the role of a parent is,” said the rapper during an interview for VladTV. “If your little boy comes up to you and says, ‘Daddy I wanna be a girl,’ you just let him rock with that?” 

“Where did he get that? If you let this 5-year-old little boy eat candy all day, he’s gonna do that,” added Ne-Yo. “Like, when did it become a good idea to let a 5-year-old, a 6-year-old, a 12-year-old make a life-changing decision?”

Ne-Yo, I have no idea who you are, and at my age not a fan or listener or rap.    What I am though, is a Medical Doctor, with a 30-year career, 20 of them helping Veterans with mental health issues, as a Board-Certified Psychiatrist.    

I retired leading all MH specialists (5 professions) at all VA Hospitals, and over 30 OP clinics. I was also honored as a retired Emeritus Member from the prestigious Psychiatric Society.    

I am too old to need to praise myself. My intent is for you to understand the validity of my opinion vis a vis your critics.   The whole transgender fad is a scam.   

 The now called Gender Dysphoria (Transsexual) is a true condition, but extremely rare (0.005% of population).    Symptoms do start in childhood, but the condition disappears in its immense majority during and/or after puberty.    

In the rare cases that exist, only psychological observation and or counseling are needed.   

Surgical treatment started by John Hopkins Hospital resulted in so many false positives that the program had to be cancelled.   

 I was a practicing Psychiatrist at the time and treated many adults of the aftereffects of this procedure, and the program stopped, so did the false positive claims.    

When this movement started, I was one of the first scientists that warned about its falsehood and dangers.    

Dr. Paul R. Mc Hugh, a Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry, stopped the specialized John Hopkins transgender clinic and became a strong proponent of the opinion that this rare condition was producing many false positives.    

It is not a coincidence that after the lack of acceptance of this condition, as only being extremely rare, the allegations of suffering from it, and the popularity of treatment stopped.  

It started again when the “transgender” ideas became popular and then “politically correct”.   Surgery and any other chemical treatments should be judiciously employed and rare.   

Doing them, starting in childhood, is just a form of extreme child abuse and these actions will be proven in the future as what they are, criminal, and the professionals that espouse them should be ashamed of themselves.   

 Either there is a “reality” move, as it happened decades ago, or our country will collapse as with the Roman Empire, America will become a part of history for “what it was”!

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