Letter from Jason S. Miyares Attorney General

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8 de noviembre de 2022

Por Humberto López Saldaña

Especial para LIBRE, desde la Casa de la Brigada 2506

Jason S. Miyares Attorney General


Office of the Attorney General

October 10, 2022

202 North Ninth Street  Richmond, Vll’ginia 23219 804-786-2071 Fax 804-786-1991 Vugin.ia Relay Services 800-828-1120 7-1-1

Rafael Montalvo Gutierrez President,Veterans-Association- Brigade 2506

Brigade 2506 Museum & Library 

1821 SW 9th Street

Miami, Florida 33135

To Men Who Stormed The Beaches;

It was one of the highlights of my career to be honored by the Freedom Fighters of Brigade 2506. What an inspiration to meet so many brave souls willing to give the last full measure of devotion upon the altar of liberty. The visit to the Brigade 2506 Museum & Library is an experience I will never forget.

As the child of a victim of Castro’s Cuba, know that your noble sacrifice arid heroism continues to inspire me in my public service career to fight for freedom and opportunity. I am so touched by the recognition bestowed by such heroes and proudly display both the Brigade 2506 coin, certificates, the Flag, and the Key to Miami in my office in Virginia.

To quote Jose-Marti «…when there are many men without honor, there are always others who themselves possess the honor of many men.»

Thank you for possessing the «honor of many men,» for showing the world true courage to fight for a free Cuba and for being an inspiration to generations of freedom loving patriots around the world.

May the memory of Brigade 2506 always echo through eternity.

¡Viva Cuba Libre!

With deepest admiration, I remain,

Yours in Freedom,

 Jason S. Miyares

 Attorney General of Virginia

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