Written by Fernando Milanés

17 de octubre de 2023

«J’accuse», an argument by novelist Emile Zola that Dreyfus was wrongfully convicted, was published on January 13, 1898. Zola’s argument appeared on the front page of the Parisian daily L’Aurore in the form of an open letter to the President of the Republic. The text accuses the government of the era of anti-Semitism in the Dreyfus affair.

Let us not fool ourselves; the latest attack against Israel was not Hamas against Israelis.    It was Iran against the US, using their Hamas proxy, in order to stop the movement of peaceful resolution that started at the end of Trump’s presidency, and now rekindled with the Saudi’s talks with the only democracy in the Middle East.   

 Why now?  Iran saw the weakness of President Biden when he foolishly tried to appease them with money and ignored their rapid move towards becoming a nuclear nation.  Biden’s horrendous withdrawal from Afghanistan simply confirmed, in their eyes, our leadership’s weakness.  

With the potential return of Trump to the presidency, their time was now.    

It is not a coincidence that the terrorist’s weapons were from the US, leftover from the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.    

And, by the way, where is our President? The time for a direct response from him, not his associates, is rapidly fading.    Fortunately, the Israelis are always prepared and are responding in a quick and forceful way, that unfortunately will be paid with the lives of the population, who mostly want individual freedom, ability to work, and to live at peace with their families.    

 In the Dreyfus conviction Zola sent a letter to the newspapers about his thoughts about this action.   His argument became famous and was the subject of movies and articles.    These words were the first that came back to me in the aftermath of Hamas’ devious attack.

Weakness, real or apparent, always results in consequences that tend to multiply, and a potential Middle East war could be in the making unless quick and decisive action is taken.   History, as in World War I, has taught us this lesson. And to my Jewish, and all my friends, I pledge that today I am an Israelite.                                

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