Written by Fernando Milanés

28 de febrero de 2023

Raul Castro the 91-year-old communist former dictator of Cuba who served for decades as elder brother Fidel Castro’s top executioner, this week unretired from politics to appear on the ballot as a “candidate” for the Cuban parliament in next month’s “election. “Castro’s return breaks a promise he made upon his full retirement in 2021 to leave power for good.

Just as we thought a new generation of leaders would emerge in Cuba’s tyranny, giving a faint hope to the idea that with an increase of the population dissatisfaction and its increasing public rebellion some changes towards freedom would happen, we are surprised that a nonagenarian Raul Castro would return to the limelight.    

Well, other than Biden that suddenly seems to be a young leader, no one in Cuba’s enslaved population cares. The action from Raul is only a reaction to the strength being acquired by Cuba’s military leaders and their puppet Diaz-Canel.    

Castro’s sudden return to the public is meant to assure his family’s control of the suffering island and after the death of his son-in-law, General Luis Alberto Rodríguez-López Calleja, who through the military conglomerate GAESA already oversees 60% of the Cuban economy, the next person in command is not known.    

As in any present and past autocracies, the only objective of the master is maintaining power in the hands of the family.    

Fortunately, every action provokes a reaction and hopefully this feud between the leadership will, and should, revive the suffering Cuban’s rebellion with further street demonstrations.   

It is also the time that democratic countries led by the US, to tighten Cuba’s isolation, the opposite of what they are presently thinking, both economically, cutting the military’s income, and making weapons available to the tyranny’s opponents! 

Let us not repeat Kennedy’s treasonous act towards the members of Brigade 2506, which I was a member of, and our combat victims and our decreasing number of survivors. Today we lost another brave and dedicated patriot, Humberto Lopez. As we mourn our brothers, we will pledge to continue our fight towards liberating our birthplace, Cuba, until the last breath of the last of the 2506 fighters.

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