Written by Fernando Milanés

26 de julio de 2023

By Fernando J. Milanés, M.D.

I read in a social media outlet a gentleman, whose honesty is not disputed, writing about the credibility of the evolution theory versus the lack of facts backing creationism.    Presupposing that his views are based in the latest version of the origin of life, and that he evaluates creationism as it is told in the Bible’s Genesis and not the existence of a God, I feel that his comments deserve more thoughts.   

 I will put aside the political use, as a challenge to the Bible and our Judeo-Christian tradition, and also clarify that even as I encourage religious beliefs I do not abide by the dogma of any.    

As a scientist and a reader of the work of many, it is undeniable that the idea of an evolution of one cell to form our existence is valid.    

It is also true that any human conclusion of our origins is a product of a brain and its thoughts, and this ability was preordained in the original cell’s DNA.    

The circumstances necessary for not only the existence of that minuscule matter, but for all the other factors required for our existence are so enormous that mathematicians have been unable to place a number on it.    This enigma that baffles many has produced controversy since the early civilizations.    

St. Thomas Aquinas, a 13th century Dominican monk, a theologian, and philosopher, postulated in his works the compatibility between Aristotle’s views of the creation of animals from plants “spontaneous generation”, and the existence of God.    

His views that the marvels of nature, with the check and balances of its design to produce and maintain life, were so perfect that it needed God to have created it.    

These are the same ideas that mathematicians, astronomers and most scientists have arrived at in our times with all the instruments presently at their disposal, and they have also concluded that the origin of planets and subsequent life was God’s creation.   

Human mind has defined an understanding of our existence, but it was formed by an original design in order to do so, and these plan, most scientist conclude, was of divine and not human doing.    

In summary, DNA created us, and God created DNA which is what I accept as true.    

Presently, with the exception of those that adhere to the strict interpretation of the ancient books, most religions, and scholars accept, as did St. Thomas Aquinas, of not only the compatibility, but the fact that evolution theories also are proof of a God and Creator.

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