Written by Fernando Milanés

6 de abril de 2022

To replace Oswald, Disney and Iwerks developed Mickey Mouse, possibly inspired by a pet mouse that Disney had adopted while working in his Laugh-O-Gram studio, although the origins of the character are unclear. Disney’s original choice of name was Mortimer Mouse, but Lillian thought it too pompous, and suggested Mickey instead. Iwerks revised Disney’s provisional sketches to make the character easier to animate. Disney, who had begun to distance himself from the animation process,  provided Mickey’s voice until 1947. In the words of one Disney employee, «Ub designed Mickey’s physical appearance, but Walt gave him his soul.

Walt Disney’s Mickie Mouse creation.»

Disney, his cartoons, movies, and theme parks have been famous and a recipient of multiple awards for decades.   

Now, it is a multifaceted corporation with tentacles worldwide. As such, they are important influencers in local and World politics. As they allow regimes like China and others that enslave their population and assassinate homosexuals because their desires are deemed unlawful, they are now in the frontline of “wokenes”, trying to push our Nation towards a rule by minority. We have all been at his parks, seen his movies and grew up with the characters as did our children.    It was part of when normalcy was the rule, and common sense prevailed.   Some of my “confidential” sources in the Parks (note to FB; this is not true, just having fun!), tell me that Mickey and Minnie will be changed to the 2 blind mice.  As blind, they would easily accept the moronic idea that there are no genders, when it is extremely easy to realize by simple observation that there are 2, man with XY chromosome and a penis and woman with XX and a vagina.

Their behaviors might differ but not heir gender. Only exception is transsexuals that have a genetic discordance between anatomy and gender belief.    These rare cases are mostly solved after adolescence when sexual maturity is achieved and constitute less than 0.01% of population. Back to Disney one of my favorite exhibits was It’s a small world. Only drawback (at least for me) was that I could not sleep those nights as the dam song kept playing in my brain!

In Florida we are lucky to have Governor De Santis, who signed a simple, factual law, that does not disparage homosexuals or transsexuals, only defend the parents rights from those that are simply abusing the not jet developed children’s brains to, as I lived in Cuba, start the process of enslaving. Going back to my inside info, this is the proposed new song for the World exhibition. Maybe it will allow sleeping;

It’s a woke World

its a woke world after all

its a woke world after all

its a woke, woke world

its a world of changes and a world of fears

its a world of weirdness and a world of tears

there’s so much that we don’t share

that is time we’re aware

its a woke world after all

its a slaved world after all

its a backward world after all

its a woke world after all

its a small, small world

there is just one gender

and one golden rule

and acceptance means slavery to everyone

though the mountains divide

and the oceans are wide

its a woke world after all

its a woke world after all

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