Create a more loving home through better communication with your children

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19 de marzo de 2024

Communication is the cornerstone of any meaningful relationship.  Effective, honest and open conversation in a family can lead to nurturing, caring and trusting bonds that will last a lifetime.

Parents set the tone for the kind of communication that goes on in their household by treating each other with respect and by encouraging, disciplining, and guiding their children with words and actions that show respect and honesty.  Everyday life with its stressful, harried pace can wreak havoc on family life, and communication lines can get frazzled or broken.

Establish guidelines: Every family has a set of ground rules including ways to communicate.  For instance, no yelling or screaming is allowed,  and in the home everyone, including adults, must follow those rules.

Conversation time: It is important for the family to establish a time to talk, preferably dinnertime. This is a special time for family members to share information about the day.  Parents should ask open questions to encourage unstructured communication.

Body language: Body language is important.  Look your children in the eyes when you talk to them.  Truly listen to what they have to say. Encourage further conversation by patting their back or smiling at them.

Provide choices: To avoid appearing authoritative, parents should offer choices whenever possible.  Ask the child to choose between two shirts or two pairs of shoes.  He can go out and play if he cleans up; if not, he can stay inside.  This supports a child’s natural desire to feel more independent and in control of his or her own behavior.

In my humble opinion,  for communication with our children and students these are guidelines to be followed, for this brings us achievement, which will affect the future of our children who are our legacy in this life and our future representatives.    

Alexis Hernandez.

Miami Florida

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