Conocido como el “abogado de hierro” Benedict P. Kuehne acaba de recibir otro honor professional

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16 de junio de 2021

Please join The Criminal Law Section of The Florida Bar as it presents the Selig I. Goldin Memorial Award to:   Benedict P. Kuehne

Friday, June 11, 2021 11:30am


“As an attorney, Selig was always tops. Dedication and zeal were his trademarks. He accepted many cases and many clients others turned down, because he felt those cases had to be defended and he believed in the person and the cause.”

These words, spoken at Selig Goldin’s funeral by his brother, Philip, capture what members of the criminal defense bar knew of this young Gainesville lawyer who died of cancer before his time — that he was a man of great ability and great compassion. Though his career was cut short, Selig Goldin left an indelible mark — on those he defended, on the judges before whom he practiced, and on the lawyers who were his adversaries in the courtroom and his friends when trial was over.

None who knew him doubt he was destined to reach the very top of our profession. And so, to honor his memory, and celebrate his spirit, each year the Criminal Law Section distinguishes one member of The Florida Bar for displaying the talent and the heart of Selig I. Goldin.

For more information about Selig I. Goldin and a list of past winners, please visit the CLS website at


Known as the “Iron Lawyer” both for his successes and accomplishments in complex, protracted trials and appeals, as well as for his achievements as an Ironman athlete (140.6 miles of swim, bike, and run), this year’s recipient, Benedict P. Kuehne, has made his formidable career in trial and appellate courtrooms throughout the State of Florida and across the nation. Best known for his significant representations as a white-collar criminal defense and civil trial lawyer, he is also one of the premier election law specialists in Florida, having represented Vice President Al Gore and the Gore/Lieberman Recount Committee as trial and appellate co-counsel in the 2000 election recount trial and the appeals to the Florida Supreme Court, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. In 2012, leading a legal team, Ben obtained the fifth highest verdict in the United States, $155 million, for his successful representation of an internationally accomplished educator who sued as a whistle blower for her wrongful termination.

Ben is often referred to as a “go to” lawyer for public officials, lawyers, and other professionals involved in investigations and inquiries, disciplinary and ethics proceedings, and criminal litigation, and has been honored to have represented dozens of lawyers in criminal and ethics investigations and trials.

Throughout his career, Ben has championed the rights of the powerless against powerful governments and institutions. He honed his skills as a trial lawyer in representations throughout the State of Florida and the United States, often in “bet the farm” criminal and high stakes civil litigation. In all his endeavors, Ben is focused on the pursuit of justice. He is equally sought after by defense and prosecutor organizations, as well as by law schools, for his insights on the justice system, and has counseled government officials in both Florida and the Department of Justice on improvements to the criminal justice system. He has waged battle on both civil rights and election law reform nationally and is currently consulting on legislative improvements in police use-of-force intended to benefit community confidence and diversity. He has been appointed to serve on Court Management Commissions and Task Forces to provide his insight and guidance to Florida courts from a criminal justice perspective.

We hope you will join us in celebrating and congratulating Benedict P. Kuehne when the Section bestows this honor upon him.

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