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28 de marzo de 2023

By Fernando J. Milanés, M.D.

While it is a good-natured and fun dog to have around, a husky is a very stubborn and free-spirited breed. It requires extensive exercise and obedience training to maintain good behavior. Being highly independent, they easily run away if given a chance or taken off-leash.

Like described, these dogs were escape artists and would leave (always coming back) any chance they could.    

We not only had to have real high peerless fences but had to concrete the low side because they would dig under it!    

In our experience they not only were hyperactive, loving their playing and running in our yard, trying and/or taking care of any opossum that dared to enter their territory.    

They were though, very loving, and as our neighbor told us, they cried all the time we were out at work or pleasure.    

Their reception though was as fervent and physical as if we were gone for a long time!    It does not show well in the picture, but the male (behind in the photo) was of a gray color.    

His father, also gray was named Silver Bullet, so (DUH), he had to be named Coors which BTW was my favorite beer.    We had three, a male being the first one BIJOUX), and the female, same name, bought with Coors after he died.

Unfortunately, the breed is susceptible to pass away in the early teens, so older now decided on a smaller one, with us still at present and aging as we are.    He is over 15 years (he was a rescue, so no known birth date) but as clingy, demanding, and lovable as all Shih Tzu are.

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