Written by Fernando Milanés

22 de diciembre de 2021

Make no mistake!   The above pictured swimmer that is now a member of the women’s team is a man.   Claiming to be of a different sex, does not make it so.    Saying that you “feel” that you are a girl, or a boy, does not make it so.  Undergoing hormone therapy to hide your real gender is not a medical practice but malpractice.   Allowing children to decide against their anatomical gender is child abuse.  The “transgender” idea that is now talked and written about as real, is not.  It is a scam with the only purpose to confuse and build up an anarchic society without values and easily controlled and subjugated.  And where are the many that when it is politically convenient demands to “follow the science”?  And where are our Medical Societies that claim to represent science?   Starting with mine (APA) they will always toe the line between medicine and politic correctness leaning towards the latter. The American Psychiatric Society changed the correct term Transsexual to Gender Dysphoric. What is the difference?    

In the real, but extremely rare, condition the subject does not “feel”, he is “convinced” that his anatomy is not part of him, and wants surgery to change it.   Even if some symptoms of the true condition might start in childhood, only professional observation is required as the correct diagnosis can only be made post-adolescence.  Most signals end at puberty, only in 0.01% of population they persist.     

Feeling different (gender or otherwise) can be caused by many factors, psychiatric or psychological, including copycats and public pressure.    We learned that lesson when after a transsexual Christine Jorgensen, became famous and the claims of “transsexuality increased so much that John Hopkins U. established a special program including surgery.    

After many false positives (some that I treated), the idea closed.  More than a decade ago, I wrote about this dangerous term.   It was not because I have unusual abilities, I based my article to what the movement was writing in their web, in which they clearly spelled out their purpose being an elimination of gender, exactly the con “we the people”,  media, politicians and many that fear retaliation have bought.

Here are my words in 2010;

A recent term in usage is “Transgenderism “; essentially an empty word conjured up as a neutral label for any individual not conforming to common social rules of gender expression. The term was created to help unite very disparate individuals under a vague commonality of interest in gender, in order to provide a basis for mutual benefit and support within an often violently antagonistic society.

Transgenderism can refer to those who cross-dress, those who are intersexed, those who live in the opposite societal role of their physical sex, those who play with gender expression for any purpose whatsoever and transsexuals as well. The primary function is social and political, and not clinical, despite the efforts of some to legitimize this essentially meaningless term.    It includes also what was called transsexual, a real disorder that should be treated, but is extremely rare.   

Transgender definition.

More than ninety nine percent of individuals are born with gender/sex concordance.    Of these, only from two to five percent are born with a biological and psychological attraction to persons of same sex, but otherwise are perfectly satisfied with their gender (homosexuals).  In other words, the “trans” movement claims to represent many forms of behaviors regarding gender, other than the few that are biologically legitimate disorders. Regardless of sexual orientation, both hetero and homoerotic individual’s values and morals as determined by the culture that we live in, are threatened.  The tacit acceptance, as now has caught on with our media and television, of sexual fetishes, perversions, psychological disorders, mental illness and criminal behaviors as being “trans”, and thus “normal”, has to be understood as another way of destroying the very fabric of our society.  

The ultimate goal of this movement is to abolish the biological determinant of two genders, male and female, and establish a “gender neutral” society. Already we face fewer unions of couples, and more “open marriages” and hedonistic life styles.  When instincts and the pursuit of pleasure become dominant in the population, it becomes the beginning of the end of its existence.  Traditions and morals might vary in different cultures, but no civilized society has been able to survive without rules that control excess on its behavior, and where amorality rules.  We are presently facing this danger.

FJM, 8/2010

A decade ago I meant a warning, today is a reality and if not rebelled against it will not be the beginning of the end, but the end!

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