Written by Fernando Milanés

4 de mayo de 2022

The Biden administration confirmed on Wednesday that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is seeking to divert resources, doctors and nurses from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help care for undocumented migrants along the U.S.’ southern border.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made the comments while testifying before the House Appropriations Committee.

During the hearing, Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson asked the secretary if resources would be diverted as part of DHS’ plan to address the unprecedented spike in immigration..

I spend 20 years of my life fighting for the improvement of the treatment given to our disabled veterans.    Controlled by bureaucracy, and my being fresh from private practice, it was not hard to see the flaws, and the corrections needed.

Fast forward 20 years, and at retirement I had become Associate Chief of Staff for Mental Health composed from the Chiefs of Psychiatry, Psychology, MH Nursing, MH Social Workers, and Recreational Therapy, not necessarily in order of importance.   

I was also leading the MH workers from Florida and Puerto Rico, seven hospitals and more than 30 OP clinics.    In between I had to fight for every inch of change, but prevailed with the dismay of the civil governance, but the satisfaction of how our suffering vets were being served with comprehensive quality programs.

All my partners in our staff, from the lesser known to my Administrative assistant, Ms. Paredes, our Chiefs of Psychiatry, Dr. Hanna, Psychology, Dr. Burda, Ms. Crocker SW, and Recreational Dr. Vroman were part of our success.

Our non-professional staff were also an integral part of our accomplishments, and as a matter of personal pride, when a vacancy, many wanted to join our group.  At retirement age, after our programs we were recognized as the best in the Nation by the Dpt. of Veteran Affairs, I decided to leave early to have time and health while still able. The many fights, challenges, opposition that I went through, even if they impaired my health were more than amply paid by the recognition of the Vets and staff.    Is the above self serving? Maybe, but the narrative came to mind with the latest proposal banded about that VA resources; including medical, could be transferred to help the illegal’s crossing the borders seemingly unimpeded.    Even at my old age and unwell, my blood boils, and my only wish would be to regain years and health lost. If I could, I would be fighting, as I did, for the deserved right of our Vets.

DO NOT MESS WITH THEM! Do not underestimate our citizens that are beginning to understand the present dangers to our freedom.  

Our veterans are the ones that fought to preserve our rights, losing life, limb and sanity, and now, “we the people” will answer our call to duty. In the present Nation’s leadership attempt to control our lives, and their initial success, you might have come too far!

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